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More About Our Service:

As you will know, one of the key factors in running a successful FBA business is SOURCING PROFITABLE PRODUCTS. Many sellers, new and experienced struggle with ths every day. It can be hard to get right.

Sure, you can use Sourcing Software. But often with software, you still have to scan through pages of data after the search is complete to pick out the right results. You can be going through mismatches and products which don't hit your criteria. It can become costly and not very efficient. 

You can try manually sourcing yourself. But as you know, this can take a very, very long time and you are not guaranteed to get any profitable results. 

You can hire your own virtual assistant, but an experienced VA can cost you anywhere in the region of $500 per month. 

As you can see, if you don't get your sourcing strategies correct, it can become tough, time consuming and costly. That is why we created Daily Lead Sourcer, a team with first hand experience to do the sourcing for you. We understand the challenges with sourcing, as we've been there! We understand that you need to use your capital for inventory, which is why we price our service fairly. So you get great value for money and we can continue to support the seller community. 

With Daily Lead Sourcer you receive the full power of an experienced and friendly sourcing team for an excellent price.


We work to provide you with full sets of Online Arbitrage Leads that are sent to you every day, Monday-Friday. We have strict thresholds that must be met before a product is added to our list, to ensure that you receive top quality. When you join us, you will be added to one of our newest groups, which has a low capped membership limit to reduce competition so you know that your leads are not being seen by hundreds of other sellers like yourself. 

When you join Daily Lead Sourcer, you receive an invitation to create a Membership Account. With this account you can securely login to our Members Area, where you will be given access to all current and future services that we release. Such as Download Latest Lead Sheet, Ungating Tips, Request Previous Lead Sheet, and more. This is to make it easier for you to access our features directly, whenever you wish. We are working to create many more features that will help you and you will receive free access to these as a Member.

If you have any questions about our service, either visit our FAQ's or feel free to Contact Us.

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