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What Is Online Arbitrage?

To put it simply, Online Arbitrage is the process of buying products from online retailers and selling them for a higher price on another marketplace, such as Amazon.

How Does Online Arbitrage Work With Amazon FBA?

By using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), Amazon stores, picks, packs, ships and handles the delivery of the products to customers. Amazon also handles the customer service and any returns on orders, so this can save a lot of your time.

Online Arbitrage is a popular method for those selling on Amazon, here is how it works:

  • You search for products on an Online Store and match it to the same product listed on Amazon.

  • Find a product that you can sell, purchase the products from an Online Store and have it shipped to either you or a prep centre.

  • List the product on Amazon via your seller account and set your selling price.

  • Prep the product to be shipped to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre.

  • Once the product sells, Amazon deducts their fees and you take the profit.

  • Amazon will then handle the fulfillment of the product.

  • You can then reinvest your profit back into more products and repeat the process.

How Does Daily Lead Sourcer Help You?

Online Arbitrage with Amazon FBA can be a great way to make money online, but the truth is, finding profitable products to sell on Amazon can be very time consuming. This is because the process of researching products and looking through online retail websites can take hours each day.

We have several years of first hand experience selling with Amazon FBA by doing Online Arbitrage. Our experienced team will save you time by sourcing products, finding ones that are currently selling on Amazon for profit. We then send you the information you need on a spreadsheet with the store link, the link for the listing on Amazon, cost price, selling price, fees and expected profit. Along with more information about that listing.

If you're new or an accomplished seller on Amazon, our service can help you scale your business by saving you countless hours each day, along with having an experienced team handling your product sourcing.

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